Basketball Betting Rules

Giorgio | Netherlands | Sunday March 18 2012, 14:07 | 0 Comments

Just like any other organized activity in order to make sure that everything is going to run smoothly there are some basketball betting rules that apply. And just like all the other things you have to know about betting and sports, the betting rules that apply to basketball betting are just as important as any other thing.

In this article I am planning to offer you a complete guide with all the basketball betting rules that you have to take into consideration while betting at an online sportsbook.

First thing you have to know is that for a basketball game to count for betting action it must pass at least 35 minutes of playtime for the NCAA and other college basketball and for the WNBA basketball. For the NBA games the playing time must be of at least 43 minutes.

The winners at a basketball game are determined by the final score and this means that minimum time of play plus the overtime have passed. The final score is the score that is available when the referees end the game. In case the game gets suspended the game might even have to start at a later date, in a different day. However these situations are very rare.

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