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Welcome to EuroSlam, a site rich in history. Originating as an online platform for EA Sports' NBA Live games on PC, with numerous of participators from all over the planet, evolving into a basketball betting site after game consoles rose in popularity and took over the market.

The 'new' EuroSlam never grew to its full potential and was left abandoned since 2012. However, we never sat still and instead of putting new life into this site, we created BasketballBetting.co.uk, a completely new site about betting on basketball. The new site includes news, live feeds, guides, reviews, and the so called Tipster Challenge.

One of the features on this site, that will be kept alive even in 2014, is the odds comparison tool which you can see just below. It shows upcoming games and their odds at Bwin - Europe's largest online sportsbook. US visitors of EuroSlam that like to bet on basketball are advised to use 5Dimes.

Odds Comparison Tool

Use the application below to find the best odds to Bet on NBA, Bet on Euroleague and Bet on NCAA Basketball.

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EuroSlam.com Updates

  • Mar 8. Added 5Dimes (US friendly)
  • Mar 7. Added German Bundesliga teams
  • Mar 6. Fixed odds comparison tool
  • Mar 6. Migrated reviews & bonuses
  • Mar 5. Updated various parts of site
  • Mar 5. Removed the BetUS Sportsbook

What is EuroSlam About?

EuroSlam has been around since early 2003 and has established a strong Internet presence when it comes to online sports, although the new EuroSlam site is completely different from what you might have been used to years ago.

Most people remember us from the good old days, when this site was hosting the most prominent EASports NBA Live fantasy leagues in the world. With country specific leagues in Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia, as well as several European leagues, a Northern American league and even a South American league, we had a site visited by hundreds of people every day, who were actively involved playing NBA Live against each other in league format. Unfortunately this all kind of died when consoles such as Microsofts' Xbox and Sony Playstation were up and coming and started to offer the ability to match up against players all over the world.

Now-a-days we have grown to become one of the premiere services for placing bets on NBA basketball games, but we also offer information about other basketball leagues (Euroleague, NCAA, German Bundesliga), as well as many other sports, including NFL, MLB and NHL. Besides betting on American sports, you can also find information related to betting on football (soccer) matches and other sports and events.

All our online sports book partners (we have a lot of experience since we have been in the affiliate business for a long time with sites like TitanCasinoBonusCode.com, BonusCodeEuropaCasino.net and many more) have been screened thoroughly and we have selected them for their professionalism and keen history when it comes to offering online sports betting to the public.

Please mind our dust while we are getting the site ready for this years' March Madness.

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