EuroSlam Sports Book, a new site is born!

Giorgio | Netherlands | Monday August 4 2008, 21:00 | 0 Comments

After serving as a NBA Live league for over 5 years, EuroSlam has transformed into an online sports betting site. EuroSlam was established in early 2003 and has been a community for basketball enthusiasts for many years, but since EA Sports decided to cut the release of NBA Live (the game played by EuroSlam members) for 2008, owner and founder Giorgio a.k.a. G-Force decided that the time arrived to move on and try something new with the domain.

With a solid background in the online wagering industry, mostly focussed on offering online poker bonuses to the public, a sports betting site fitted correctly in the profile of the past EuroSlam.

You can expect that we will work with the very best - and most reliable sports betting partners out there. Many steady partnerships have already been established with the companies that we choose to work with promoting free poker on one of our poker portals.

As the site is still quite young, you might stumble upon an empty or uncompleted page. Don't worry and definitely don't judge us on it, as we're doing our best to finish up everything that should be here in the upcoming days. We expect to have most of the site ready for an official launch somewhere mid August.

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