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Giorgio | Netherlands | Tuesday December 23 2008, 15:28 | 0 Comments

Today I have been working on the live odds for basketball, specifically NBA for the time being. You can now have a look what eventually will become a system to filter games and compare odds.

At this moment it consist only of two sportsbooks (Bodog Life and PartyBets), but we're talking to Bet365 for implementation of their feeds as well.

Developing a high class sports book site like EuroSlam takes up more time as expected, but slowly you can see the site is growing. In the past week I have done a little more research to complete the missing reviews, as well the addition of BetUS for our American guests. I have plans to add a lot more information to the reviews, but prioritize features that makes EuroSlam Sports Book stand out from other sportsbook info sites.

Update March 7 2012: BetUS mentioned in the article above has been removed from our site.

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