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Giorgio | Netherlands | Thursday February 5 2009, 03:23 | 0 Comments

After my last blog post, somewhere around Christmas, I haven't really been able to do much work on EuroSlam Sports Book. Heck, it's 2009 already, so better late than never: Happy New Year ;)

Kidding ya of course, but listen up. Today I have been speaking to "somebody" about this site and I have set a goal for myself: "EuroSlam Sportsbook will be fully operational before the World Championship Soccer that's coming up in 2010." Yes, that's right... I'll spread major development plans over quite a long period of time - the reason is that I currently lack of time to work on this site as I have a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, thus unfortunately have to work on boring projects that make me some bucks.

That being said, you don't have to worry that EuroSlam gets outdated. I will periodical update the site, add new sports betting deals and improve the odds comparison tool on the homepage. That is actually something that should be completed much sooner than 2010 - say at the end of this summer. So more sports and leagues must be added, but specifically the synchronization of all the data is a pain in the ass. One sportsbook site calls it this, the other calls it that and I need to fix that to be able to present a unique name. For example, "Los Angeles Lakers" is named "LA Lakers" by some... and yes the adjustments have to be done manually, even though it's just for one time.

Now enough whining! Cya soon!!!

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