Today's odds improved

Giorgio | Netherlands | Thursday March 12 2009, 13:00 | 0 Comments

Well, today I decided to give the main application on EuroSlam some thought. I added NCAA Men Basketball, the Euroleague and all active teams, yet only for PartyBets, but I'll look into the XML files from Bet US and Bodog later to see if I can easily implement those as well.

The application starts to become really useful for betting on Basketball, which is the main betting product we offer at EuroSlam Sports Book. At some point, we will also add soccer and other major sports, but since there's almost no time and it takes quite a lot of work, it will probably be a lil' later.

Anyway, now that March Madness is in full effect, I suggest you come back often and see if I've done some more changes!

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