March Madness

Giorgio | Netherlands | Saturday March 21 2009, 09:49 | 0 Comments

It's March, it's spring and it's the time that every basketball enthusiast is excited. It's March Madness and most sports fanatics have made their picks and completed their brackets, so have I. Even better, all teams participating in this years dance are in the EuroSlam database and live odds for all games can be looked up.

Our regular visitors already know, on the homepage of EuroSlam Sports Book you can find an application that helps you find the best odds for basketball games. Besides NCAA Men, you can find odds for NBA games, as well as Euroleague games (which also finds itself in the final stages of the season). Yes, for the time being EuroSlam is basketball focused :)

But now the main focus point lays on March Madness. We have some great games coming up, for example, take these games in the first round: Duke vs Texas, Maryland vs Memphis and LSU vs North Carolina. What's more exciting than watching your favorite team play live on the NCAA website and place some bets.

I have picked Michigan to win it all - but that's ONLY based on gut feeling and the odds are pretty much against me.

Update, March 24

Resolved a couple of bugs that showed some incorrect odds for BetUS NBA games.

Added BetUS money line odds for NCAA March Madness games and Euroleague Playoff games. You can now get the best odds per game per team. E.g., if BetUS has better odds for the home team, the odds comparison tool on the EuroSlam homepage will automatically show you BetUS as the recommended sportsbook and visa versa.

Take the following odds from the game for example:

  • PartyBets: Perdue (3.53) vs Connecticut (1.30)
  • BetUS: Perdue (3.40) vs Connecticut (1.34)

As you can see, PartyBets offers the best odds if Perdue wins (3.53 compared to 3.40) and BetUS offers the best odds if Connecticut wins (1.34 compared to 1.30). Our application helps you to determine the best odds in one click!

More sportsbooks will be added soon, as well as some major soccer leagues. Stay tuned...

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