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Giorgio | Netherlands | Monday August 31 2009, 12:14 | 0 Comments

Hey, it's me again... remember? Your EuroSlam Sports Book host, Giorgio :) It's been longer than ever, and probably no one is reading this, but still I am going to finish up writing this post. Oh eh, if you might read this, why not make a comment...

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that starting today I will slowly pick up work for EuroSlam again. I started out by placing a Free Bets table on the homepage for Bet365. It contains the dates of events, as well as some additional info that I'm getting from Bet365 every month.

You know me, at some point I will have to automate it, as I am too frigging lazy to create manual HTML for it each and every month.

Other news... there's not much, specially if you visit EuroSlam as a basketball fanatic. Let's wait until the season start and meet again, OK?

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