Top 10 Basketball Betting Tips

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The betting on basketball has started more than 100 years ago and it is right now one of the favorite sports on which people place bets in United States. Basketball is a very popular sport and it manages to offer a great variety of bets. No matter if you are currently planning to bet just for fun on your favorite team or you are thinking of becoming a serious basketball bettor, here are a few tips that are meant to improve your chances of winning.

1. Shop for the best odds

There are so many online sports betting websites right now that are offering you the chance to place bets on basketball that it might become a difficult task to select the best one. This is the reason why you must start searching for the best odds for the bets that you intend to place. This way you can be sure that you are shopping around before you will actually make a deposit.

2. Knowledge is king

Betting on basketball is just like betting on any other sport and this means that you must know as much useful information as possible about the teams on which you will be placing your money on. This is the reason why we suggest you pay close attention to what the professional sports commentators have to say about each team on TV, do some research and make sure that you collect as much information as possible over the last three seasons.

3. Go for the straight bets

In order to find yourself always on the safe side of the game, it’s best that you go for the straight bets. The straight bets are most of the time easier to win compared to the parlays that could mean a higher hole in your online sportsbook bankroll.

4. Understand what motivates the teams

Each and every match has its motivational factors that are able to improve the ability of a team to win. For example if a team has already qualified and it still has to play a couple of games, it might not be too motivated to play at their maximum in order to win the match. At the same time if they find themselves in a situation where the only way they can move on in the championship is by winning a certain game, they might have some additional motivation to play.

5. Take into consideration injuries

One of the main things that you have to research before posting any basketball bets are the injuries that the players have suffered in the last couple of weeks. In case the best player of a team is not going to be available ply, even if you are dealing with a very good team, the overall team performance is going to be changed and it might not perform as you would normally expect. Gathering information is a very important thing that you have to do.

6. Have a clear mind while betting

It’s best that you avoid as much as possible placing bets when drinking, or doing anything else that might affect your decision making capabilities.

7. Take into consideration what the sports betting experts are saying

There are currently many blogs and news websites out there that are giving out tips and picks for the coming basketball match. It’s always best that you read a couple of these blogs and make sure that you test for a couple of weeks the picks and in case most of them turn out to be true, then you can definitely start taking them into consideration.

8. Use a successful betting system

There are many websites out there that are willing to offer you a free betting system. In case you don’t manage to apply a betting system created by others and make it work, you must try to create your very own basketball betting system, and you can do that by applying the principles that can be found on different sites.

9. Use bankroll management

Even while betting on basketball you have to use a bankroll management system that will allow you to minimize the risk to the minimum. Unless you are going to take into consideration the bankroll management rules, you will most likely increase the risk on every bet that you make and sooner or later you will become bankrupt. It’s going to be only a matter of time. Bankroll management is bound to reduce a lot the risk of losing large amounts of money and this way you will keep your online bankroll intact.

10. Make more small bets instead of one big bet

It’s always best that you do everything possible in order to increase the odds of winning and reduce the risk to the minimum possible and by not putting all your eggs in one basket, you could place more small bets compared to placing one big bet that might prove not to be a winning one.

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