How to Earn a Living out of Basketball Betting

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There are many people out there that are wondering whether they can live off the bets that they make on basketball games. Betting on basketball can help you sustain a reasonable lifestyle and you can start betting from the comfort of your home without having to go to work.

One of the very first things you have to know about becoming a professional basketball bettor is that you have to treat everything just like a business and this means that you must take into consideration all the ingredients that have to be taken into consideration in order to become successful.

In order to be a successful basketball bettor you must take into consideration the following 5 things:


Without Patience you will most likely fail. Patience is a key ingredient that is going to help you become a successful basketball bettor. You must have enough patience to be able to find the best match on which you should place your bets and at the same time you must have patience so that you can do enough research before placing a bet and finally use patience to make sure that you are getting the best odds on the market by checking out the odds offered by different sites.

At the same time make sure that you stick to the most famous online sportsbooks which are also very reliable.

Money/Bankroll Management

The bankroll management is another key element that an online sports bettor must take into consideration. In case you are going to use the proper bankroll management your bankroll is going to be safe from the variance that will occur while placing bets and this means that the chances of going bankrupt are going to be significantly reduced.

Quality over Quantity

Your goal as an online basketball bettor is going to be to earn as much money as possible and not to place as many bets as possible. Under these circumstances it’s best that you try to make quality bets that prove to be winning bets, compared to making a lot of bets that offer you little or no chance to win.


A professional basketball bettor must treat everything with discipline. This means that you should be able to always give enough time to the research that you’re doing and always make sure that your sources are good.

At the same time you must make sure that you stay away from the sucker bets which are usually offered by sportsbooks to players. These are most of the time those types of bets that sportsbook promote a lot and that are very difficult to win, and at the same time they are going to offer you a lot of money if you win. And here I’m talking about teasers and parlays. This means that you must have enough discipline to stick to the basics.


Information is king in the basketball betting. In order to be successful you must make sure that you do your homework properly. This means that you should never place a bet on any basketball game without doing a little bit of research on both teams. You must know all the up to date information about the two teams that are about to confront each other in a basketball game. You can do that by listening to the sports TV channels where you are given the chance to listen to some professional commentators or you can add some additional amount of information by reading the news you can find on the internet.

Some online sportsbooks are going to save you the trouble of doing the research by giving you all the information about a certain game on which you are about to place a bet straight from their website. Most of the times it’s information that makes the difference between a winning bet and a bet lost.

Making a living out of online gambling and especially out of basketball betting can be achieved in case you manage to have a good understanding of what is going on in the main basketball championships. This means that you must be up to date with all the injuries, transfers and games that will happen in the future. You have to master all the key ingredients that have been presented above and with just a little bit of luck and perseverance you will be able to start earning a stable monthly income out of your sports betting activities.

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