Current Canadian Footballers who made it Big in the Premier League

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English Premier League

English Premier League football is big across the world. Many countries enjoy following the English football clubs in their quest for the championship. Additionally, many countries are also sources of talents for the league. The North American nation of Canada has supplied the Premier League with many football players.

One current player in the Premier League that hails from Canada is David Hoilett, also known as Junior. He plays for the Blackburn Rovers as a winger. He was original part of the Blackburn Rovers Academy as a teenager but was later loaned out to other football clubs due to issues obtaining a work visa for the UK. He began officially playing for the club in January of 2000. Hoilett was part of Blackburn’s victory against Chelsea for the League Cup. His first appearance in the Premier League was during the 2010-2011 season. Hoilett has a history of scoring many goals since officially starting in the Premier League. Hoilett received a head injury in a match against Fulham in September of 2011. In January of this year, Hoilett was name one of the 13 players to watch in 2010 by FIFA, which is the governing body for international football.

Another current player that is of Canadian origins is Simeon Jackson. Currently playing for Norwich Football Club, Jackson signed with the club in 2010 for two years. In 2011, Jackson’s goal was able to secure the promotion of the Norwich Football Club to the Premier League. He made his debut in the league in August of that year. For that season, he appeared in 22 matches, starting in 10. He scored three goals and had 2 assists.

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