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Giorgio | Netherlands | Thursday August 7 2008, 13:37 | 0 Comments

After selecting 5 partners to work with, the time has come to fill up the site, i.e. content that help visitors selecting an online sportsbook, such as a review. A review is partly made up out of facts, for instance what betting lines a sports book site offers, which payment methods they have, etc. etc. I usually visit the site of a partner to gather this information.

The hard part of writing an online sportsbook review is the actual reviewing of the site. As a poker player, I never had any difficulties testing a poker room. Either I started out with a no deposit bonus, or made a deposit of about $100 and played poker for some hours. While playing poker, I took care of getting screenshots and making notes of all features. Piece of cake!

But with sportsbook it's not that easy! Since I am quite new in the world of online sports books, I have no idea where to start. Until this moment I have been doing research all over the web. Sportsbook providers, WikiPedia and other sportsbook sites, but honestly... there aren't really a lot great sportsbook related sites out there. One that I did like because of their valuable content seems to be designed in the stone age.

Anyway, with the plans I have for EuroSlam Sportsbook, I am pretty sure that this site will be one a true sports bettor can't live without.

Back to the reviews now, more investigation from my site needed, so stay tuned as I will come to a standard in the next few days!

PS: Maybe you have noticed that you can leave a testimonial. This might actually help me out significantly. I know I don't have a load of visitors yet, but please drop a few lines in case you have done some book making at one of the sites listed.

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