WilliamHill Is An Obvious Basketball Choice

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WilliamHill Betting

While there are many great reasons to bet online with a reputable betting firm, the fact that there is such a wide range of sports to bet on is great news for punters. There is no doubt that football and horse racing are the most popular sports to bet on. It is only right that there are plenty of betting options surrounding these sports. Football fans have the widest range of in-play bets to choose from so they will always be covered by popular betting sites but what about everyone else? Thankfully, there is an increasing number of online sports to choose from when you are looking to place a bet.

Although the popularity of basketball in the UK is nothing compared to the sport’s popularity in the US, it is picking up new fans every week. There is a hard core following of basketball in the United Kingdom and it is becoming easier for major basketball fans to see high quality basketball every week of the year. The NBA is represented on UK sports channels and it is possible to see lots of games live online. However, with European and UK basketball leagues bringing great quality live action to UK basketball fans every single week, the fan base is growing and this can be seen in the range of basketball betting options that are available to choose from.

Plenty of basketball bets to choose from

Any basketball fan looking for a wide selection of basketball bets would be advised to check out the WilliamHill betting online options. Not only can you find a great range of best relating to the forthcoming NBA season, there are plenty of NCAA bets available too. Add this to a huge selection of Euroleague and Eurobasket 2013 betting options and basketball fans will have more than enough opportunities to get involved with their favourite games. With international friendlies and the Under 16 Championships included in the WilliamHill basketball range as well, there are more than enough reasons to choose this site as your number one home for betting on basketball.


Whether your main focus is on selecting championship winners and MVPs or the actual outcome of matches, there is a wide range of choice for basketball betting. The margin of victory and total points scored in a game is a great way to find an interesting bet and there is always value to be found. The fast nature and pace of basketball means that games can take a number of twists and turns. With a margin of victory or spread bet, there is a reason to stay glued to the action until the end of the game. The number of basketball games and bets that hinge on the last shot in the final seconds of the match is huge and this indicates the closeness and exciting nature of the sport. No matter how big a basketball fan you are, betting on basketball is a great way to play for fun or to add more drama to a very entertaining sport.

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