Betting on Soccer and Basketball

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Make the right predictions in soccer and basketball betting!

Sports betting is all about predictions, betting odds and free bets. The history, standings and highlights of a team’s performances are used to predict the future outcomes of fixtures. Sports bettors are always looking for an edge when placing bets. This is true for all sports, notably soccer and basketball.

Whether it's the Harlem Globetrotters, the NBA, European basketball championships or others, information is crucial to bet placement. One of the ways to acquire reliable information is through sports betting sites. One all-encompassing portal for everything betting related is This fully comprehensive platform provides sports betting enthusiasts with a one-stop shop for everything betting.

News updates, results, highlights, featured events for all the latest soccer and basketball events are showcased in grand style at 777. Information is also made available on the different types of bets that are presented by bookmakers. These include, Point Spreads (with favourites and underdogs), Totals Bets (over and under bets), Money Line Wagers (betting on the winner without the point spread), and Parlays and Teasers. The latter category is often referred to as exotic bets in basketball.

Soccer betting is an entirely different prospect, but it also makes use of NHL style bets such as money lines. In soccer betting, it is possible to place a wager on either of the competing teams as well as a wager on the teams to draw. Other types of soccer bets include the over/under bets, number of goals scored, proposition bets, half time score, full-time score and the like. Combined, soccer bets and basketball bets are potentially lucrative to sports betting enthusiasts. 777 provides punters with a wealth of information to make more informed betting decisions.

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