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Giorgio | Netherlands | Sunday August 10 2008, 10:47 | 0 Comments

This morning I got up early because I wanted to finish up what I started yesterday, programming and integrating the interface for live sport odds into the EuroSlam website. The first sport I choose was baseball. You can now get live MLB odds for Bodog Life Sportsbook and more sportsbooks have been contacted to provide XML feeds.

Once more feeds are integrated, you will be able to choose a sportsbook based on the best odds, i.e. get the best money for your bet!

The more I am thinking of it, the exciter I get. I always loved programming kick-ass features, for instance this poker tournament application on a poker site.

Thinking of EuroSlam Sports Book though, the sky is the limit and you can expect that I will come up with some pretty neat stuff!

Next on the agenda are the live odds for basketball, as well as for soccer.

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