Everything is back to normal

Giorgio | Netherlands | Monday August 11 2008, 08:28 | 1 Comments

This morning, the alarm went off about one and a half hour earlier than it did for the past few months. My girlfriend, who's a teacher, has gone back to work and I took our 2 year old son to the nursery after we finished breakfast. I am all alone in the house again... so... everything is back to normal.

Since I work for myself, I can finally plan new stuff and concentrate a little better, even though I haven't been sitting still this summer. Mostly, the weather has been pretty bad and until now we only spent one week in Sicily, actually to be part of my cousin's wedding, which was huge and typically Italian. She actually got married in Forza d'Agro, the place (and same church) the Godfather was filmed.

I still have three trips to go between now and October, but they will be a mix of pleasure and business. One of those will be CAP, the affiliate conference in Barcelona, which I will attend together with my buddy and business partner Kurt, whom some of you better know as Desdope. This event is going to be a mix of business and partying in the finest clubs!

Anyway, yesterday I managed to finish the first versions of MLB odds, NBA odds and Soccer odds. Even though everything is very premature and I only have one feed at this moment, I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished so far. I actually learned a new technique how to handle XML files while implementing this into EuroSlam Sports Book.

This week I will concentrate on content. I will make sure to read as much as I can to find valuable information on sportbooks. I will also pick up writing the reviews and of course you can expect me to write up blog entries every time there's something to tell!

  • Well, well, well, if it isn't the old Euroslam domain finally being put to some good use again :)

    Impressive work in the short amount of time already. And since I know how your warped and twisted mind works (which scarily enough is close to my own) I am sure this site will get many more features in the near future. Best of luck, buddy! C u in Barcelona - finally ;)
    Comment #1Kurt, Monday 11. August 2008, 12:58

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