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Giorgio | Netherlands | Wednesday March 7 2012, 13:19 | 0 Comments

It's that time of year again that basketball minded people are so excited about. It was not too long ago that I started talking to my friend about this month full of excitement, and we were seeing if we could meet up in Las Vegas, to hang around together, and watch some games together in sports bars. We're not yet sure if we'll go, but this lead to me getting back working on EuroSlam again.

As I have been so busy with my other sites, I kind of neglected EuroSlam. Shame on me, so I sincerely apologize. When I took a first look at my site again, I discovered all sort of things wrong. First and formost my odds tool, which I spent a lot of time developing a couple of years ago. In the mean time, source files have been changed, so my tool didn't work any longer. This was the first thing I fixed.

Further, I had a couple of sport betting sites listed which didn't have an affiliate program any longer, and frankly the reason for me to have this site is to also make a couple of extra bucks from it. So I removed BetUS for example.

After thoroughly examining my site I came to the conclusion that it needs more betting guides, and since basketball betting is one of my biggest passions, I decided that I am going to write guides that help visitors new to online betting to understand the basics.

I already posted two of them, have a look at them here:

I will continue to write these kind of guides over the coming weeks, so if you're new to betting, betting on basketball specifically, you can expect to find all the knowledge to start out the right way.

Just above you could read that I fixed some flaws in my odds comparison tool, but besides that I started adding more leagues, the German Basketball Bundesliga to begin with. Since this is a hell of a job - all different sites use different identifiers, I won't add all leagues at once, but try to update the database with a bunch of them every day.

Since there is plenty of work left on EuroSlam, I am going to end this post by saying that I am determined of finally making a success out of the site. Not only in terms of conversion, but more in terms of valuable content related to betting on basketball. Heck, we might even get some of the old EuroSlammers involved. Oh and I will soon share my March Madness bracket. Dare to show off yours?

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